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How to Make Fun Edible Toadstools and Mushrooms for a Fairy Party

Toadstool sugar cookies wrapped in individual clear bags

After holding a Fairy Party for my two year old daughter Emily, I discovered so many different ways to add the “Fairy Toadstool” or “Fairy Mushroom” to the table. If I ever had a shop front, I would definitely offer all of these varieties to my customers. As I do not, I will instead offer you my research on what I found, and where possible, how to make them.

The first two things I want to share with you are Toadstool Sugar Cookies and Toadstool Cupcakes. Now these two things I do offer from our online shop. However I am more than happy to share with you how we make them J

Toadstool Sugar Cookies

 Pink. white and green toadstool sugar cookies individual wrapped in clear bags

As you can see, we offer toadstools with fairy doors. However if you “Google” Toadstool sugar cookies you will get a plethora of designs. To create these little delectable’s, you will need a toadstool cookie cutter or if you don’t have a cookie cutter, draw a toadstool on baking paper, cut the baking paper out and use the toadstool as a stencil to cut out your cookies.

Once this is done, choose your colours and flood the cookies using Royal Icing. Royal Icing is the preferred method as it will dry hard. For tips on how to flood your cookies, you can’t go past Sweetopia’s blog site.

Toadstool Cupcakes

 A chocolate cake covered in light blue fondant decorated with fairies

Toadstool cupcakes, like toadstool cookies, are very popular. Again if you “Google” toadstool cupcakes you will get a plethora of results. The way we do them here are very simple. We lightly ice the top of the cupcake, cut out a disc to sit on top of the iced cupcake and then cut out small spots (using a large icing nozel) to cover the disc. I did these for my daughter’s Fairy party and they were very popular with the kids (and adults!)

If you want to get very adventurous however, you could try these cupcakes by Martha Stewart.

 A white cupcake decorarated with red spots and small green worm

Macaron Toadstool

 Toadstools using a macaroon as the head of the toadstool

I stumbled upon these little toadstools on Babyology when I was looking for meringue toadstools. There does not appear to be any instructions on how to make them. However if I were to hazard a guess, I would say that they are a white chocolate base and a Macaron half top. I wonder if you can buy white chocolate Hershey Kisses. If you can then I would imagine a mini macaron half on top of a white Hershey kiss would work a treat!

Mushroom Cookies

 Cookies in the shape of mushrooms with stalk

The idea of these mushroom cookies has got me in a tizz. I have to try them! The Galanter’s Kitchen has been kind enough to provide a recipe for them :)

Meringue Toadstools

Toadstools made from meringue for both the head and stalk, dusted with chocolate

Disney Family provides a recipe to make these little sweeties. I remember seeing something similar in a pale blue colour a few years back – oh the possibilities.

Chocolate Toadstools

Toadstools made from milk, dark and white chocolate
Another pretty cool idea I stumbled upon in my quest for edible Fungi were these chocolate moulds (pardon the pun) from ConfectionatelyYours. Let me know if you have tried them before, I am keen to hear how it went.

Marshmallow Toadstools

 Toadstools made from marshmallow dipped in chocolate and covered with hundreds and thousands

If anyone read the blog article on my daughter’s fairy party, you would know that I fell in love with these little cuties. Crosbie Crew provide the instructions on how to make them.

 Marshmallow toadstools on sticks

If you are feeling even more adventurous then you could always dip your marshmallow in candy chocolate for a stunning effect, as demonstrated by Jelly Baby Blog.

Or for a more simple effect, you could try these little Raspberry favourites, demonstrated by Little Nummies.

Toadstools using a raspberry as the head of the toadstool

Fondant Toadstools

 Toadstools made from pink fondant with white spots

Lastly, my favourite Fairy Cake addition, Fairy Toadstools made from Fondant. To make these you need at least two colours of fondant. With Colour 1 you will make the stalk and the spots. Roll a cylinder and then pinch one end into a triangle. With the second colour, roll a ball, then using your thumbs and fingers slowly mould the top of the mushroom to your desired shape. Now dab a little water on the tip of your cylinder and push colour 2 on top of colour 1. Lastly, roll small balls of fondant and squash these down to make your spots.

They are a great addition to any fairy party as cupcake toppers, on cakes or just for decoration.
If you want some clearer instructions on how to make the fondant toadstools, with pictures, let me know and I will write a post J

If I have missed anything in this article or if a link stops working, please let me know. Perhaps we can come up with a whole wiki of edible fairy toadstools :D

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